Every person has different needs at this part. and different blogging platforms are good for different things. Is just depend on you and your situation. But if you are new for blogging, I recommend using blogger as there first blogging platform. 

As I mentioned at the beginning, you should always prefer blogger as your first blogging platform because of the reasons below 

1. Easy To Setup your first blog

I believe you will not have any technical knowledge and skill to develop your professional blog at the beginning time. You will notice the google blogger solution is the easiest and simple way to set up. Just a valid google account and few steps to complete the registration. Your first blog via blogger is ready to use and view. 

Like to write a contest in the normal windows WordPad, you can now start to write and share something you wish to share and post on your personal blog. As per beginner, I will suggest you can ignore any SEO ( search engine optimize )and own domain name now. Just let the google blogger system to communicate with the search engine themselves. As long as your content is unique and useful for the people who are interested in your post topic. They will able to find and read your posting. 

2. Security

As I mention, because the blogger is maintained by google service. Nothing much you need to worry as long as your personal google account password is secure. Blog security is one of the most important things for every blogger, whether you are a beginner or experienced. 

As far security is concerned, you should know blogger platform is owned by Google and it becomes almost impossible to hack into their servers, the key thing is to keep your google account safe, which is you should always do with or without start the blogging.

The Google blogger has recently introduced SSL security for their blogs for free of cost. What else you can expect to get on top of this all?

3. Zero Investment

There are may other solution and platform is offering a very good and convenient solution. But most of that has come with different charges. 
You may need to have some basic knowledge to choose the right suitable package and some basic skill to set up your blog. I will say this may be your next step when you plan to go for a more professional blog post in the future. When you feel the normal blog post feature is not enough to meet your requirements. 

In Blogger most of the necessary thing is free. Here we are talking about that Things which are mandatory to start a blog, like free hosting, free theme, free Blogspot domain, free SSL certificate. So starting a blog in blogger is like starting with zero investment. 

4. Free Themes

For the Blogger design. There are some good themes for sale is USD17~25 or totally free to download you can get on the internet some template platform or some website to get them. 
Both of them provide high quality and professional looking blogger themes for a free or simple small amount of one-time license fee. 

And the solution is free and hosted on google server, it becomes very fast and you don't have to worry about the theme's loading time.

5. Seo Friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important thing to learn for the best blogging experience. Without proper blog optimization, we can’t even dream to get impressive traffic from search engines. You will get many functionalities in blogger for SEO optimization such as Custom Robots Header Tags, Custom Robots.txt. For best SEO practices you can Optimize your Blog Post Titles, also Image can be Optimised from post editor and Internal Linking can be done too.

And that’s it! I am more than confident that your initial blog set up should now be finished and ready to go, and all that should have been damn easy.

There are multiple of the provider to provide the hosting solution to the market. but do I need to subscribe to the hosting service? 

here is the question I summary to share with you, maybe you can consider before you proceed the package. 
  1. How much budget I have?
  2. What is my main purpose for the website?
  3. I must have my own domain.com or free domain?
  4. Myself to maintain the website?
  5. How often I will update the website information?

sometimes, you just need a page to show your basic information. Some free platform may able to fulfill your requirement without any cost to you.

here is some example for you:

I’m a student and I just need a place for me to post my information for sharing a purpose. I have not much money or budget for this. 
#Facebook Page #Blogger #FreeHosting

I’m usually sharing my interest at some free blog. But I wish to have a professional web for my sharing. 
#BudgetHosting #Hosting

I’m building a website for my company website and I have a limited budget. So I plan to create the website myself and maintain a few email account only. Not often to update the website. 
#BudgetHosting #Hosting 

A large corporate company website and the information may update from time to time. Website speed and security is the main concern.
#SecureHosting #SecureWebsite #SSD Hosting

the reason is some time, you just need a page to show your basic information. so can use some 100% platform to do the same request.  more article will share in my next topic

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